Please find the form or download the pre-registration form. Just fill-in and fax to Orient International Exhibition Co., Ltd. at (852) 27893260. The deadline for submission is 25 August 2024. The admission badge will be mailed to you then.

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I. Nature of business
01 Manufacturer
02 Trading Company
03 Agent
04 Distributor
05 Wholesaler
06 Retailer/Chain Store
07 Designer
08 Buying Office
09 Services Company
10 Press/Publications
11 Others
II. What product(s) are you looking for? (Can choose more than one)


A01 Spectacle frames
A02 Sunglasses
A03 Sports spectacles
A04 Kid’s eyewear
A05 Reading glasses
A06 Contact lens
A07 Glass optical lenses
A08 Plastic Optical Lenses
A09 Sunglass lenses, sun clips
A10 Progressive lenses
A11 Photochromic lenses
A12 Othro K Lenses
A13 Optical blanks
A14 Accessories for contact lens
A15 Spectacle spare parts and accessories
A16 Safety eyewear
A17 Components of frames
A18 Eyecare products and solution for lenses and contact lens
A19 Spectacle cases & accessories
A20 Lens demisting cloths and solutions
A21 3D glasses
A22 Digital lenses
B01 Spectacle assembling & adjusting tools
B02 Visual test equipment
B03 Edger
B04 Grinding machine
B05 Frame making machinery
B06 Lens manufacturing & processing machinery
B07 Contact lens manufacturing & processing machinery
B08 Surface treatment & technologies / surface finishing operations
B09 Lathe
B10 Coating machine
B11 Coating materials
B12 Electroplating equipment, welding machine
B13 Price labeling, stamp printing and screen printing machinery
B14 Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
B15 Concentrates for ultrasonic cleaning
B16 Lens grinding and polishing filtration systems
B17 Optical processing equipment and materials
B18 Measurement instruments for optical elements and systems
B19 Store and workshop fittings and furniture
B20 Moulds for ophthalmic lenses
B21 Raw materials for frames
B22 Raw materials for lenses
B23 Lens abrasive and polishing materials
B24 Electroplating, welding materials
B25 Opto-Laser Equipment and Instruments
B26 Low vision testing & adjusting equipment
C01 Instruments for optometry and ophthalmology
C02 Ophthalmic products
D01 Related publications and services
D02 Associations
D03 Exhibitions & Conferences
D04 Others

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